Emmanuel supports a wide variety mission agencies both in this country and overseas. Our main means of support is financial as we allocate 10% of our income to these ministries. Although finance is important we also feel it is far more productive to offer support through prayer and developing sustainable relationships.


Over the past few years we have developed strong links with different parts of the church in Tanzania including the Diocesan link Dioceses of Mount Kilimanjaro and Kiteto. We also support the work of Ben and Katy Ray of Neema Crafts in Iringa and Samuel Maduma with Empower a Child in Morogoro. These relationships have been strengthened with visits both to Tanzania as well as return visits to the UK. We also support the work of Tear Fund, the Bible Society, Christian Solidarity Worldwide and a church plant in Belgium.

Home giving goes to CPAS, ARocha UK, Reside, SOaR, Child Contact Centre, Project 5000.

We have also supported other mission with ‘one off’ payments and have supported members of Emmanuel with mission trips.

Each of the missions who receive regular giving has an advocate (link person) at Emmanuel.


Every Monday evening we offer a hot meal and a warm welcome to around 50 people – people from our local community that need our help. For some the need is physical, without the food we provide they would be hungry. For others the need is social, they
come and eat with us to meet friends and to have someone to talk to - without the project they would eat alone at home, maybe not preparing as nutritious a meal as we can provide.


Some people think the project is just for the homeless, in reality only a few people each week will be sleeping on the street, maybe just one or two. We always try to help them, providing sleeping bags and clothes if required.

Project 5000 is run by volunteers, most come every week. Emmanuel Church set up and still runs the project, but many of the volunteers come from other churches around town or don’t have a church background.

In addition to meals, we also pack up around 50 food parcels each week. These vary, but a typical food parcel will contain some cereal and long life milk, some pasta or rice, a tin of fish or meat and maybe some soup or tinned vegetables. We also receive some fresh vegetables and we will give these away if we can’t use them in our cooking.