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A warm welcome to Emmanuel! We are a large, vibrant evangelical Christian community near the centre of Loughborough. We're part of the Church of England, and one of six Resourcing Churches in the Diocese of Leicester - that means we plant churches (that plant churches!) in order to see the growth of God's Kingdom. We welcome everyone in the expectation that all of us might be transformed by God’s enduring and encompassing love.

Resourcing churches - what are they?

Resourcing Churches are about our friends, our neighbours, our work colleagues, and our fellow students - the child in playgroup, the older person in a residential home, the shop assistant making sandwiches, the person who lives for football every weekend.  In short Resourcing Churches are about people, specifically the 93% of our community who are not part of any Christian worshipping community.  

As a Resourcing Church, working in partnership with the Good Shepherd Church, our vision is to plant churches that plant churches... we make disciples and grow leaders to send out and do it all over again! We want to share the good news of the gospel with our friends, neighbours, colleagues and all those who don't yet know Jesus as their Saviour.

All of our policy documents can be found here.

Who We Are
Resourcing Church

Who What How Why

Our vision and mission statements are presented as an infographic which we call Who What How Why... watch the video below to find out more! 

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Who What How Why
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Meet the team

Meet The Team
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