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What do we do for Students?

We love students at Emmanuel! It’s such a joy to be alongside you for part of your journey with Jesus. We seek to disciple you as followers of Jesus and to grow you in your giftings and all that God has called you to be. We are committed to raising up leaders within the students and look to provide opportunities to lead within the student ministry and church.

 K E E P  I N  T H E  L O O P 

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Student Community

Every Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm, at Emmanuel Church. We come together and share a meal, followed by fun, Bible study, prayer and community! 


Special Events 

Within our student community, each term we hold special events to get to know you better & help you to explore your faith in different ways. This could be anything from worship nights, panel nights, games nights to pizza making…



Students are more than welcome to attend any or all of our services. Most of our students attend either the 10.45 or 6.30 service, with a group of students & young adults heading to the pub after the 6.30 service.


Study Space

During exams, we open up Emmanuel as a free study space for students. With the library often overcrowded, this is a space for you to come and retreat in a more relaxing atmosphere. This is open to all students, so bring your course and flat mates along with you & enjoy the free wifi, hot drinks & pick ‘n’ mix.


Student Lock In

Once a year we sleepover in the church, including teaching, worship, socialising. It's a great chance to really build relationships with other students in the church and to explore deeper with God. As always, there's a great amount of food too...


Want to Chat?

We'd love to get to know you better! Drop us a message and let's go for a coffee and find out more about you.












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