A warm welcome to you if you are new to Emmanuel Church, Loughborough. Part of the Church of England, we are an evangelical church located near the town centre in Loughborough. Our vision is to offer God’s welcome and be changed by His love.

We normally gather together for worship, teaching and fellowship during Sunday services. During the week, we also meet in communities and in other groups and activities.

Whatever your age or situation, there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends while travelling together on our Christian journey.


We have various groups for babies and toddlers as well as children from 2-11 years. Some of these groups meet during the week as well as during the main family service on Sundays.


For those aged 11-18, we have a number of youth groups that meet during the week, including one group that meets during the main family service on Sundays.


Students form an important part of our congregation. The evening service on Sundays is popular with students. Communities are also a great way to meet other people. As you settle into Emmanuel, you may want to consider giving some of your time to the work of the church. There are many different avenues available where you can explore your calling and giftings.


In a large church like Emmanuel, it can be difficult to get to know people well. At Emmanuel, communities are the best places to go deeper not only with God, but also with people.

We also have a number of groups and activities that are aimed at senior members.


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