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We aim to help our Church become a more sustainable one to better care for God’s creation through our worship, use of our buildings and land, links with the local and global community, and the individual lifestyles of our Church Family, as part of the Eco Church scheme run by A Rocha UK.

Here’s just a few of the things we aim to do in 2023:

  • Worship Build on what we do with more outdoor services and activities for all ages

  • Buildings Look at the energy efficiency of all our church buildings

  • Land Work with our Garden Group to manage our land for the benefit of all

  • Communities Promote our work with the local community (eg Project 5000 and work with our Tithe Committee)

  • Lifestyles Encourage our Church Family to assess their carbon footprint

Churches Count on Nature, 3-11 June:
registration now open!

Bring your local community together to discover the plants and wildlife in your local churchyard or chapel yard and record the species you find. Last year many participants enjoyed using the iNaturalist app which helped identify species through their photographs and seamlessly sent the records directly for verification by experts. These results are combined with others and then collated on the National Biodiversity Network (NBN), a nationwide database of wildlife in the UK.

For more information on registering an activity, or simply joining in as an individual, head to the Caring for Gods Acre website. All churches and church schools are welcome to take part!


Going Plastic Free!

Convenient at the time, throw away plastics are used for a few minutes but last a lifetime in the environment. Going plastic free is not easy, but

reducing your plastic use is. Make a start by cutting out the Big 4!

Plastic drinks bottles + Coffee cups + Plastic bags + Throw-away food packaging

click here to download the greenpeace handbook

If you have got a useful hint or tip that we can pass on then do let us know and we’ll feature it here.


...will be announced soon! Watch this space!

If you want to get in touch, or send ideas for features on this page, please email us here

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