Growing in our relationship with God through Christ

Our first calling is to worship God through Christ and this relationship is the basis of our lives. We are growing by engaging with Him through the Bible, worship and prayer both individually and as a church. We receive the empowering of the Holy Spirit to transform us increasingly into Christ’s likeness and bring us to know God the Father.


Deepening our relationship with one another in Christ

We want to show God’s love for us in Christ by loving one another. We are committed to supporting, encouraging and strengthening one another in our faith in Christ. We deepen our relationship with one another by enjoying sharing life together, especially through our Sunday worship and our missional communities. Here we enjoy many shared activities including eating, praying, studying, worshipping and having fun together.


Developing our relationship with our local community for Christ

Our prayer is that Loughborough and society will be transformed by the good news of Christ’s love. We seek to develop our relationship with other people by living out our faith in our daily lives. We pray that all people will see Christ in us, encounter His unconditional love and receive His saving grace.