Communities are groups of people who meet regularly to share lives together, worship God, grow in faith and then serve Him in the world.  They vary in size from six people to fifty, meeting weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The main vision of Communities is to become better disciples of Christ and fulfil our mission by serving others. Communities are based around either a common network (such as students or young families), a common neighbourhood (such as those living in a particular part of town) or a desire to serve a common need (such as reaching out to the international community in Loughborough). 


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We meet to eat, hang out, have fun and give time to focus on God through his word, worship and prayer. Somewhere we can belong, build community and seek Jesus together. Drop us an email, we'd love to meet you. (

Mondays: 7-9pm - Dinner followed by… Prayer and Praise (1st Monday of the month); Bible study (2nd & 3rd Monday of the month); Social (4th Monday of the month)

If you can’t make Mondays, do join us for our weekly pub trip after the evening Sunday service.


A community going deeper into the bible, deep into God and deep into each others lives and trying to live out daily, our world changing salvation.


A relaxed and informal café style group meeting once a month on a Saturday afternoon. This group has a special focus on those with little or no church background.


Parish Pilgrims is for anyone free in the daytime who loves the great outdoors. Walking brings peace, freedom, history, exercise and the chance to meet with God. We offer opportunities to meet in two different branches: Main Walks and Short Walks. Main walks are on the second Thursday of the month and are 5-6 miles long. Short walks are on the third Monday of the month and are up to 2 miles long.


A group of mixed ages following the ‘cell group’ format with the 4Ws – Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness, following the Sunday sermon series as the focus for discussion. Meets every Tuesday evening during term time plus regular social activities to get to know one another better and welcome new  people.


Meets twice a month on Thursday evenings. A typical TBA evening includes an informal chat over refreshments, group discussion on the month’s topic, prayer and support for one another.


A group of women of all ages who meet weekly in term time. Bible studies are interspersed with activity mornings and outward focus sessions, and a crèche for preschoolers is provided whenever possible. 


Meets on three Monday evenings a month, at various venues to read and reflect on Bible passages, pray and share lives.


Meets usually on Wednesday mornings and one Wednesday afternoon each month for Bible study, prayer and worship.

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